Rising Sun Consulting

I remember camping with a friend once, I was shivering in my sleeping bag in the pitch black, it was so dark that I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face.  Inhaling deeply, I could smell the wet, dewy, aroma of the tent canvas, reminding me that there was only a damp piece of cloth between me and the wilds of the mountains. I shivered again. I could hear the crickets chirping… there was an eerie presence in the cold night air as I sat up and tried to get my bearings.   

I closed my eyes, darkness, I opened them again…no change. My thoughts traveled inward, the cold darkness was a reflection of my life! My self worth was being crushed by darkness, my identity was based on what others wanted me to be, I was lost in a sea of uncertainty, not knowing who I was or which direction to turn! I was chilled to the bone with utter despair, I was teetering on the edge!

As I sat there hugging my knees and pondering my life, I heard a bird’s good morning greeting, and then another added to the happy chorus…”You know it’s always the darkest and coldest before the dawn!” the words floated across the inky air. “The birds know that the dawn is approaching, can you hear their songs of praise?” One last shiver traveled up my spine, I pulled my jacket on, slipped into my shoes and stepped outside into the darkness.

The hallelujah chorus became stronger as I hugged myself both physically and emotionally, then turned toward the east and waited.

Soon the darkness gave way to a misty gray, followed by pale pinks and oranges.  I tilted my chin upward, allowing the welcoming, warming rays of the glorious new day to bath me in their richness.  I stood there inhaling the earthy smells, listening to my feathered friends, now in full praise, and I thanked the Universe for sending love and light, another chance.

The cold and dark were overcome by the light and warmth of the rising sun!  That day, the rising sun became my hope for a new life. A life filled with love, light and warmth.  Does that mean that I no longer have my times of darkness? No…but I know that if I hang on through those cold, dark nights, that the sun will once again burst over the mountain sharing it’s warmth and light, allowing me once again to find my way!

My intention is to assist others with tools, hope, encouragement, enabling them to find their rising sun in times of darkness.

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