Mother Earth, A Great Teacher


nature-3294681_1920It’s been a week of inner conflict and reflection. Oftentimes, this takes a toll on me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I’ll be truthful…this week kicked my butt from every direction. 

When I’m struggling with conflict of any kind, whether it’s a small difference of opinion or a huge life changing decision, I turn to the healing powers of Mother Earth.  I find that her arms are always open and welcoming.   She beckons me to her side, promising answers and relief from problems and sorrows. Within her realm I feel more at ease, peaceful and calm.

My early morning walks assist me in my effort to relax and de-stress, especially when my soul is troubled. There is a decluttering of thoughts and a connection to intuition that occurs when I allow the healing power to merge with my soul. 

Have you ever noticed that even though the world around is caught up in fear, doubt, distrust and negativity that nature remains for the most part, a place of peace and calm?  It has a gentle rhythm that ebbs and flows.  There is much to learn from nature, if we will take a minute and open our minds and hearts to her wisdom.

Box Elder Creek is along my walking route.  A couple of weeks ago I felt the urge to stop on the bridge and watch the water as it made its way along its path.  Rocks were bunched in various places causing the water to interrupt its fluid flow.  I observed that there were different ways that the water chose to move past it’s obstacles.  

In one area of the stream, the water gently moved to the side of the rocks blocking its path with a smooth, fluid motion.  In a different part, the water was jumping and leaping over the rocks splashing and making waves as it landed on the other side.  In another, it swirled forming an eddy for a while then joined the flow again.  Three different ways of moving along its path, but nevertheless, it kept moving, it kept pushing forward.

There are always lessons in nature.  The stream that day taught me that there is more than one way to approach a problem.  Sometimes we have to approach it gently moving around it without confrontation.  Other times, we have to face it, address it,  jump into it and tackle it head on.  Then there are those times that we have to let it swirl for a while.  Think about it.  Weigh our options.  Contemplate the pros and cons of the situation before taking action.

Each morning when I set out for my walk, I have several options of which road to choose.  My soul seems to gravitate to the tree lined streets.  I love trees.  There are so many lessons that we can learn from them.  I found this post on my Facebook feed, it hit home this week.


I have two large Sycamore trees that stand as sentinels in my front yard.  They provide welcoming shade in the summer and provide protection from the heat of the setting sun to my westward facing home.

These trees have been a part of my life for many years, for you see I have the privilege of living in my grandparents home that was built when I was 3 years old. We are old friends, the trees and I, you could say that we have grown up together. As a child I remember spending hours climbing as high as my timid self would allow, swinging like a playful monkey from the branches, and nestling in a deep nook hidden by the leaves with a book. Even today there are many times that I sit with my back against their sturdy trunks or just give my old friends a hug and absorb their healing energy.  They stand unshaken when I release my frustrated cries, gently receiving the negativity in exchange for healing mother earth energy.

This week as I sat with my back resting against one of my oldest and dearest friends, I could feel the frustration draining, my wounds healing.  Did you know that a tree has the ability to heal itself?  That’s where the knots come from.  A tree can change the course and flow its life energy around the damaged part allowing the energy to flow to other healthy parts of the tree.  It works with it’s wounds, mends them, stops the flow of energy to the dead part and continues to grow.  A valuable lesson that we all can learn. 

How many times in life do you continue to feed your wounded pride?  Wasting your valuable life energy to keep the wound open and fresh.  I can think of several times, how about you?

The flowers around my yard and in my fairy garden are beautiful.  They make me smile.  I love working in my yard.  I actually find pleasure in getting dirt beneath my fingernails.  When I weed the beds surrounding my yard I feel the connection with Mother Nature.  I am grateful for her handy work, somehow that makes weeding more enjoyable.

I work in the yard bare footed.  My feet connect with the earth, the rich cool soil, the dew kissed grass providing me with grounding and release of negative energy.  When I am feeling uptight, anxious and spacey if I will just take my shoes off and stand, walk or lay in the grass it assists me to release and ground.  When I’m grounded I feel as if I have a strong foundation under me.

According to the study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, you draw electrons that can improve your health when you walk barefooted in the grass. This lessens your pain, especially if you are dealing with chronic aches. There is also another study that states how this activity can change the electrical activity in your brain, which was seen through an electroencephalogram.  It’s a gift from Mother Earth.  It’s as if she is saying give me your crap and I’ll exchange it for healing.

One of the reasons that I choose to walk in the early morning hours is the opportunity to witness the sun as it peeks over our majestic Wasatch Mountains.  My heart holds a special spot for the lessons that the rising sun has taught me.  

There are few things in life that we can count on, one of them is that the sun will rise every morning. It’s a constant.  I was listening to a short talk by Dr. Christiane Northrup this week when she said something that touched my soul, “There are 3 things that we can count on in life.  That the sun, moon and truth will always rise.”  

Each morning, the darkness gives way to a misty gray, followed by pale pinks and oranges. I tilt my chin toward, allowing the welcoming, warming rays of the glorious new day to bathe me in its richness. I greet the sun with a “Hello” and thank the Universe for sending love and light, another chance.  A new beginning to make a difference in my life so that I in turn can make a difference in the lives of others.

Most mornings, like this morning, my heart fills with gratitude and tears come to my eyes.  Darkness gives way to light in nature.  If we are going through a dark period, if we hold on long enough the darkness fades and we can turn and enjoy the light.  In order to do so, we have to be willing to come out of the darkness of our cave long enough to bask in the healing properties of the light.  

I would like to invite you this week to take some time to enjoy the benefits of spending time in nature.  Sit by a tree or give it a hug and connect to it’s healing power. Observe the beautiful colors and fragrances of the trees and flowers.  Listen to the birds as they sing their songs of praise.  Feel the breeze as it brushes against your cheek or tassels your hair.  Tilt your chin to the sun and allow it to kiss your face with its warm healing rays. Use your time in nature to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate.  Mother Earth can be a great healer and teacher sharing her wisdom if you are open to receive her insight and love.


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